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Coconut, latex, cotton, natural wool futon. Vita-line Model 17

Coconut, latex, cotton, natural wool futon. Vita-line Model 17

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Coconut, latex, cotton, natural wool futon. Vita-line Model 17

Vita-line Futon "Model 17"

Nine layers for wonderful lying feeling. Thanks to the structure of 9 layers, the Vita-line Futon mattress "Model 17" has a comfortable height of 22 - 25 cm and offers compact but not too firm lying feeling. A 4 cm high latex core provides long-lasting elasticity and also in case of high stress, offers high degree of dimensional stability. The both latexed coconut cores stabilize the mattress and enhance this elasticity. Moreover, they provide a good air circulation. Cotton and sheep's natural wool ensure the perfect bulkiness.

Sleep comfort:

The Vita-line Futon "Model 17" offers very comfortable lying feeling, especially for sleepers who do not want to lay on a too firm base. Nex to the processed cotton that is a traditional filling material for futons, in case of this model, two additional sheep's wool and two coconut layers are processed. Sheep's wool is highly elastic and very fluffy. Moreover, this material can absorb about one third of your weight's moisture, without feeling wet. Pure sheep's wool has great temperature-regulating properties and is self-cleaning. Initially, the futon mattress "Modell 17" is 22 - 25 cm high. During the lying phase the hemp layers can loseup to 35 % (load-dependency) as compared to the initial height, they become firmer and therefore, are more compact. This futon is so elastic due to the combination of latex. Moreover, this hygienic, dust-free material provides no breeding ground for bacteria and is very heath-insulating and breathable, as well.The cover of the futon "Modell 17" is 100 % cotton

Filling material:

  • 1 Natural wool layer
  • 2 Cotton layers
  • 1 Latexed coconut layer 3 cm
  • 1 Latex layer 4 cm
  • 1 Latexed coconut layer 3 cm
  • 2 Cotton layers
  • 1 Natural wool layer


  • 100 % cotton
  • Non-removable

Total height:

  • 22 - 25 cm

Special feature:

The Vita-line Futon is adhesive-free.

Color range:

Colorful or plain:
20 colors for the futon cover are available.


By the care, you should keep in mind that a new futon should be turned and twisted so that the processed natural material can be distributed material. It is enough to turn the mattress after 3 - 4 8 - 12 weeks. You should keep in mind that in case of bed bases, the gaps between slats should be not wider than 4 - 5cm should not be exceeded, otherwise, (depending on the force/bodily weight) the futon can be pressed between the slats and therefore, can change/lose their original lying properties under such circumstances and “holes” can be formed.


The company established in 1996 Futon24 produces high-quality futons and mattresses. The "Model 17" offers sleepers who prefer to sleep on a bit more elastic base, very comfortable, fluffy lying comfort that is the result of its special structure made of 9 layers. This futon is suitable for tatami (straight, closed supporting structure) and also for bed bases. In order to protect the futon against impurities, we recommend using futon protective covers. You have questions concerning this model? Please contact us by Mail or by the phone.


Please note that each monitor is calibrated differently, which means that the actual colors may differ slightly from the color you see on your PC. Unfortunately, we can not acknowledge any complaints on this matter.


We purchase our bulk materials in large quantities – therefore slight color variations can occur from batch to batch.

Weight 20,50 Kg
Manufacturer Vita-Line
Height 22 - 25 cm
Special features adhesive-free
Suitable for lie
Materials Cotton, Natural wool, Latex, Latexed coconut
1. Layer 1 natural wool layer
2. Layer 2 cotton layers
3. Layer 3 cm latexed coconut
4. Layer 1 cotton layer
5. Layer 4 cm latex
6. Layer 1 cotton layer
7. Layer 3 cm latexed coconut
8. Layer 2 cotton layers
9. Layer 1 natural wool layer
has a cover yes
Outer material Cotton
Covering material Cotton
Cover Cover is non-removable
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The natural cotton fibers have temperature-regulating effect. It keeps you warm during cold days and cools during hot days.

The skin-friendly cotton can be recommended especially for the allergy sufferers. It is completely plant-derived and contains no animal hair.



Hemp is a natural fiber that is plant-derived and has several advantages over other natural fibers.

It is antimicrobial, due to the smooth surface it inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi,

therefore, it is also more difficult to spin and this is the reason it is more expensive for processing than other natural fibers.

Thanks to the air trapperd in the hemp fibers and temperature compensation can be achieved

- it keeps you warm in winter and keeps you pleasantly cool in the summertime.



The fibers of the outer shell of the coconut - as latexed fibers are referred to as coconut fibers. Padding material is relatively firm, permanently elastic and dimensionally stable, heat - retaining and breathable, insensitive to moisture. 4Coconut reduces dry environment and heath



Latex is highly elastic and dimensionally stable which makes it take its original volumes. .

It is soft, hygienic and dust-free. Latex can be stretched to high extent, without breaking it.

The material provides no breeding ground for bacteria, is heath-insulating and additionally, breathable. Also in case of continuous load, latex retains its properties for a long time.

Horse hair

Horse hair

Horse hair is elastic, flexible, has good air circulation, has anti-rheumatic properties, is hygroscopic (i.e. Attracts moisture) and provides dry sleeping environment.

The bushy hair that become curly as the result of the influence of water vapor, has good elasticity and bounce that is maintained for a long time.

Natural wool

Natural wool

The highly elastic sheep’s natural wool is very fluffy and also after long time of using is stays dimensionally stable. Natural wool can absorb about one third of its weight’s moisture without feeling wet.

Pure natural wool has great temperature-regulating properies and is self-cleaning.



Seagrass is characterized mainly by its hardness and thickness. Similar to rice, the seagrass is grown in water. Salt water plays a very important role in case of the growth of seagrass. Many types of seagrass grow quite naturally in shallow seewater. Strictly speaking, seagrass is no grass at all. Seagrass has very strong, hay-like smell that is usually lost after the harvest. Dried seagrass is used as padding material for sofas and mattresses. Seagrass has relatively good dehumidification properties and by its nature is not easily flammable.

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Futon Production

Since 1996, Futon24located in Europe has been producing futon mattresses and futon beds modeled on futon, under the brand name Vita-Line.
In our plant, after the receipt of the order, all our product are hand made and need about  4 - 5  weeks to be delivered.

Futon Production - hand made Futon Production - in Handarbeit hergestellt

Professionalism, care and passion for craftsmanship are reflected in our products.

Futon Production - passion for craftsmanship Futon Production - passion for craftsmanship

Top-quality materials are the requirements for our products. We know our manufacturers personally and can ensure the consistent, excellent quality.

Futon Production - Top-quality materials Futon Production - Top-quality materials

The purpose of processing materials by us is to create someting long-lasting

Futon Production - create someting long-lasting Futon Production - create someting long-lasting

Our 25 co-workers stand for responsibility, skills and competent team work. Seven employees are responsible for producing the futon, in the areas of cutting, sewing, material composition, futon structure and packaging.

Futon Production - skills and competent team work Futon Production - skills and competent team work

The result: High-quality products with long service life, convincing with its function and aesthetics and still affordable.

Futon Production - products with long service life Futon Production - products with long service life
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