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Sleep well: Futons

The futon originates on the Japanese sleep culture. Traditionally, it consists of a mattress with a low bed frame. Futon24 produces futon mattresses and futon beds modeled on futon and the quality of the product used by us is the essential characteristics of our production. Our futon mattresses and natural mattresses are hand made and next to the cotton are combined with materials like natural latex, coconut fibers, horse hair, sheep’s wool and hemp.

The lying features of futon mattresses and natural mattresses

The composition of the materials is significant. A high natural latex and natural rubber percentage indicates high softness degree of the futon mattress is in the same composition as the natural mattress, it especially suitable for lower weight people. On the contrary, the coconut fibers ensure better firmness. You will find a detailed product description that will be an explanation of each lying comfort .

Many designs of futon bed mattresses

Our futon mattresses were designed to be used in beds or on futon beds. In our shop, you will order your new futon in many sizes, colors and with many fillings. If you want to, you can design our futon mattress according to your personal taste. You can choice between various feeling materials. Good to know: As opposite to a traditional Japanese futon, the maintenance of a modern futon mattress in a futon bed is limited only to turning them occasionally in order to ensure both side, equal layering. You have questions concerning our futon bed mattresses or are interested in our natural mattresses? Please contact us by Mail or by the phone.