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Futon mattress and natural mattress: Good foundation for good sleep

Design your bed to be a real world of well-being. The suitable mattress and also suitable slatted frame meets the basic requirements. Futon24 offers an excellent choice of futon mattresses, natural mattresses and latex mattresses. Since 1996 we have intensively dealt with the subject of sleep and prepared futon mattresses and natural mattresses on our own. Careful handwork is a value for us, the results speak for themselves.

By Futon24 you lie on: Your individual perfect natural mattresses

Each person has his/her individual requirements concerning the lying comfort. Some people love to lie on a rather soft and cozy surface, the others like harder surfaces. There are side sleepers, belly sleepers and back sleepers. Some of them sweat a lot, others freeze. Futon24 offers you a choice of high-quality natural mattresses, where each sleeper finds his/her dream mattress. By all of our natural mattresses and futons the top quality, top materials and excellent processing is ensured. Browse in peace through our diverse offer and experience a happy surprise: Our natural mattresses are affordable!

Wide range of natural mattresses: Which one is appropriate?

Natural mattresses are filled with renewable raw materials like horse hair, coconut, hemp, cotton, sheep's wool, wool or natural latex and can be easily recycled, relatively disposed of. For example, horse hair and coconut ensure rather firm lying feeling, whereas, latex is characterized by special point-elasticity and good body fit. By us you will find a detailed product description to each natural mattress and futon mattress that will explain the lying comfort to you. Round mattresses, guest mattresses, mattress overlays, mattresses protectors and sheets complete our assortment. You have questions concerning the futon mattresses, natural mattresses and latex mattresses? Please contact us by Mail or by the phone.