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Shiatsu futon

Various and practical

The Shiatsu futon is a type of mattress that is light and easy to handle. Next to the therapeutic purposes, it is perfectly suitable as lying, sitting, exercising or meditating pad. Traditionally, this futon is used on tatami mats, directly on the floor, on platforms, on a ground without air circulation or as a massage mat. The range of applications of this Shiatsu futon can be extended to a travel pad, mattress topper or guest mattress.

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Futon Shiatsu by Futon24

Our Shiatsu futons made of 4 cotton layers are easy to handle, roll up and to carry and are also space-saving. The every day use provides those futons with firmness and a firm lying feeling. Pure cotton futons should be rolled up every day in order to ensure good airing. You have questions concerning a Futon Shiatsu? Please contact us byMail or by the phone.