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Futon and its origin

Futon and its origin

Everything has started in the nature. The first sleeping bases consisted of leaves, grasses, brushwood and other natural materials. On the basis of this model, the futon has been invited in Japan - a firm sleep base made of many thin cotton layers that can be rolled. On the basis of the Japanese form, in the course of Europeanization, a “mattress” modeled on futon has been developed. Comfort and cosiness played a significant role, just like relaxation and regeneration. The stresses in everyday life, in the professional or family life or physical effort or old age made the demands concerning individual, optimal sleeping base increase.

The current futon

Nowadays, futon mattresses are filled with different materials, where the tendency “back to the nature, back to the origin” can be noticed. High-quality filling materials made of hemp, natural wool, cotton or also of almost forgotten materials like sea grass, horsehair or coconut are processed so that in case of current natural mattresses, we can speak of natural mattresses. Also highly elastic latex is very popular material, as it provides very comfortable lying feeling and is very dimensionally stable.

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